Bali Water Sports Tour

Bali Water Sports Tour Packages Is The Best Option For Those Want To Try The Marine Adventure Activity in Bali islands, Enjoy the Wide Variety of Bali Water Sports Tour Packages

Bali Water Sports Tour is a Bali Adventure Tours Packages to enjoy wide range selection of Marine Activity such as: Parasailing, Flying Fish, Jet Ski, Banana Boat, Donut Boat, Snorkeling, Diving, Wakeboarding, Water Ski, Ocean Walker, Glass Bottom Boat and Turtle Islands Tour with full of fun and joy for your holiday in Bali islands. Water Sports ia wet activity buy offer you possibility explore the beach function, beside for swimming beach also can use for marine activity that will make your day full of fun. The beach we will use for water sports activity which is Tanjung Benoa Beach located at Pratama Street, Nusa Dua area, in this beach the water was clean, the sands white and the view was amazing, is perfect location to do wide range of variety of marine activities from motorize and non motorize. All the water sports activities using best quality and passed the international safety standard and also all the activities covered by insurance. We invites you to join and choose our Bali Water Sports Tour program during your holiday in Bali islands and we guarantee your marine will be memorable one for your children, family and friends.

Choose Our Bali Water Sports Tour Packages

Bali Water Sports - Banana Boat Tour Packages

Bali Banana Boat

Banana Boat is a Bali Water Sports Tours Packages to enjoy riding flat tube with 1 till 6 persons an pulled by speed boat for 15 minutes through the beautiful beach, and sometime the instructor make sudden move make the tube inverses, this will make more fun.

Bali Water Sports - Parasailing Tour Packages

Bali Parasailing

Bali Parasailing Is a Bali Water Sports Tours Packages to enjoy ride the para sailing for 1 round through the beach, the parasailor is strapped into a harness and connected via rope to the speed boat, and pulled slowly with the instructor via speed boat.

Bali Water Sports - Jet Ski Tour Packages

Bali Jet Ski

Bali Jet Ski Is a Bali Water Sports Tours Packages to ride the jet ski in the beach, is much like a motorcycle the acceleration provided by a hand powered throttle located on the right side grip, you will accompanied by the instructor during the jet ski.

Bali Water Sports - Diving Tour Packages

Bali Diving

Bali Diving is a Bali Water Sports Tours Packages in Bali islands to enjoy get closed and touch the flora and fauna in Nusa Dua beach for 1 dive, the instructor will guide you to the best dive spot and assist you for do diving. The Dive place will be in Tanjung Benoa beach.

Bali Water Sports - Glass Bottom Boat Tour Packages

Bali Glass Bottom Boat

Glass Bottom Boat is a Bali Water Sports Tours Packages to enjoy ride the boat with transparent or glass material which allowed you to see what beneath the boat, is great activity to see underwater world without get wet and complicated equipment, enjoy this activity while go to the turtle conservation.

Bali Water Sports - Turtle Islands Tour Packages

Bali Turtle Islands Tour

Bali Turtle Islands tour is an exciting Bali Water Sports Tours Packages to enjoy visiting a islands in tanjung benoa beach which use for turtle conservation, turtle is endangered species and protected in Bali islands, to save the turtle ecosystem, was build this conservation and also as a tourist destination.

Bali Water Sports - Ocean Walker Tour Packages

Bali Ocean Walker

Bali Ocean Walker give you an rare opportunity to walk on the bottom of underwater Bali Ocean and see the wild life from different fish with full of color and see the beautiful coral reef. You will walk on the bottom for 30 minutes using special helmet allowed you to breath on the water and see lot of fish and beautiful coral.

Bali Water Sports - Flying Fish Tour Packages

Bali Flying Fish

Bali Flying Fish Is a Bali Water Sports Tours Packages to enjoy ride the flat tube and flying around the tanjung benoa beach, you will sit and hold on tight on flat tube connected via rope to speed boat and slowly will with the water sports instructor by pulled with speed boat till you fly and see beautiful view from top.

Bali Water Sports - Snorkeling Tour Packages

Bali Snorkeling

Bali Snorkeling Is an Bali Water Sports Tours Packages to enjoy see the wild life of flora and fauna using using simple equipment called, not complicated equipment like use in diving, the water sports instructor will bring you to see the underwater life for 60 minutes.

Bali Water Sports - Donut Boat Tour Packages

Bali Donut Boat

Donut Boat is a Bali Water Sports Tours Packages and one of the new water sports games and start popular recent years, the donut boat is similar like the banana boat, the different just in shaped of the flat tube, the fun and excitement is same for 15 minutes.

Bali Water Sports - Wakeboarding Tour Packages

Bali Wakeboarding

Bali Wakeboarding is an exciting Bali Water Sports Tours Packages to enjoy combination of skateboard and surfing in the water, this new activity of water sports and began popular, if you like surfing and for sure you will like this activity, due the technique use is same like surfing.

Bali Water Sports - Water Ski Tour Packages

Bali Water Ski

Bali Water Ski is a Bali Water Sports Tours Packages to enjoy ride the ski in the water, this water sports activity also new games and began popular, the fun and excitement is same like the wake boarding, the different just the board, in this activity your feet will sits on two small board.

Bali Water Sports Tour Price :

– Bali Banana Boat (15 Minutes) : IDR 150.000/person
– Bali Parasailing (1 Round) : IDR 150.000/person
– Bali Jet Ski (15 Minutes with instructor) : IDR 225.000/person
– Bali Diving (30 Minutes) : IDR 450.000/person
– Bali Glass Bottom Boat (30 Minutes) and Turtle Island Tour (30 Minutes) : IDR 350.000 (price for 1 – 8 person)
– Bali Ocean Walker (30 Minutes) : IDR 550.000/person
– Bali Flying Fish (2 Fly) : IDR 225.000/person
– Bali Snorkeling (60 Minutes) : IDR 250.000/person
– Bali Donut Boat (15 Minutes) : IDR 150.000/person
– Bali Wakeboarding (15 Minutes) : IDR 350.000/person
– Bali Water Ski (15 Minutes) : IDR 350.000/person

Bali Water Sports Tour Price include :

– We provide life jacket for all Water Sports activities
– Special for Jet Ski activity must be guided by Instructor ( No extra cost for the Instructor )
– For Snorkeling included Fin, Mask, Snorkel and boat
– About rates are valid with minimum guarantee booking is 2 Person.
– Price are inclusive of Government tax & Service charge.
– Payment : CASH PAYMENT. The additional charge of 4% will be charged if the payment is made by Credit Card on spot for Bank Administration fee
– Additional charge for: Towel / Underwater DVD & Transport.
– All activities covered by Insurance : Insurance Company, PT. Jasaraharja Putera, on Jl.Hayam Wuruk No.202 Denpasar-Bali Telp (0361) 261031.

Bali Water Sports Tour Terms and Conditions :

Bali Water Sports Tour Adventure and activity at some time will be cancel depend on wind and weather condition which not safety for costumer and will be informed by us to the guest, it will no charge to the costumer/refund payment.
Cancellation made within 1 day prior to activity: From 11.00-17.00 at 50% of from the rate and from 17.00 up at 100% off from the rate.

Bali Water Sports Notice :

Bali Water Sports Tour Adventure and activities is not suitable for pregnant women, people with heart problem, people is respiratory problem, currently has a sinus problem, recently has ear infection, has claustrophobia problem.


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