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Bali Elephant Ride Tour

Bali Elephant Ride Tour Packages is an Experience To Riding The biggest Animal Through The Elephant Park, Jungle and passed the Local Balinese village in Bali islands

Bali Bakas Elephant Ride Tour Packages

Bali Elephant Ride Tour is Bali Adventure Tours Packages by offer you opportunity to riding an elephant with duration you can choose from short to long time at the best Elephant parks in Bali islands. Is rare experience we offer for your holiday by riding the biggest animal and enjoy the amazing view from the teak chair in the top of the elephants, Never missed the excitement we give to you for spend holiday in the islands of paradise. This Elephant Ride is suitable for any ages, adult, and children and infant.

The journey will start upon our driver pick up at hotel, on the way to the elephant parks we will pass the beautiful rice paddy and passed some local village, enjoy the view from the car. Then you will enjoy the elephant ride for 30 minutes ride through the jungle, rice paddy and passed local Balinese village. After finish the elephant ride you will enjoy having set lunch with Indonesian menu, afterwards the driver will escort you back to your hotel with bring the full of fun memory of Elephant Ride

Bali Elephant Ride Tour Packages Details and Price

Short Elephant Ride

Short Elephant Ride program is to offer you to Ride Elephant with duration 30 Minutes. The journey begin through bushes and side of river. During the Elephant Trip you will also see beautiful green hill and sometimes appearance of monkey’s.

Short Elephant Ride Price :
Adult : US$ 58
Child : US$ 36
Infant : US$ 25
Family : US$ 190

Medium Elephant Ride

Medium Elephant Ride program is experience to riding an Elephant with Duration 40 minutes. The journey begin through bushes and side of river. Enjoy the scenery along the side of the river and observe farmer’s activities in their paddy field.

Medium Elephant Ride Price :
Adult : US$ 75
Child : US$ 53
Infant : US$ 33
Family : US$ 240

Long Elephant Ride

Long Elephant Ride program is to try the journey by riding an Elephant with duration 60 minutes. You will enjoy the fresh air, see the view of amazing and beautiful river and terraced paddy fields with hills as the background in the eastern side.

Long Elephant Ride Price :
Adult : US$ 90
Child : US$ 58
Infant : US$ 40
Family : US$ 280